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For more than a decade, Jensen IP has been helping companies protect their trademark and brand assets in Canada and around the world. We provide business-driven trademark advice that evolves with the changing global marketplace and IP environment. At Jensen IP, we are innovative and proactive in our delivery of IP services and in the development of effective brand protection programs. Our clients range from cutting edge start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, all of which benefit from our deep expertise in trademark law and broad marketplace knowledge. We work closely with business owners, in-house counsel and foreign associates to ensure our advice supports our client’s commercial objectives.

From concept to market launch, we help our clients establish and protect their brand position in the marketplace.


In addition to clearance and registration services, we represent clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Our practice covers all forms of intellectual property transactions and agreements, such as licensing agreements, acquisitions, portfolio audits and due diligence matters. We also develop innovative strategies to enforce, defend and advance our clients’ trademark rights to ensure the value of the asset is protected.

Trademark Registration

The trademark application process is the foundation of registered trademark rights. Our team has filed and registered thousands of trademark applications, representing a wide range of industries. We are proud to represent some of the world’s best-known brands and work hard to ensure our clients obtain the broadest and most solid protection available. 

Canadian Trademarks Office requirements can be challenging, especially regarding acceptable descriptions of goods and services. During the examination stage, we provide recommendations on the best path to registration in terms of protection, while being mindful of costs.  The firm’s practice systems were designed to maximize efficiencies in the provision of advice and in reporting procedures. We customize invoicing to suit our client’s billing cycles and requirements.  Our clients consistently praise the thoroughness of our advice and the concise way we relay information.

Insight For SME’s

Every business, regardless of size or age, needs to protect its brands and marketplace reputation.  Building and protecting IP assets at the earliest possible time is essential. We love working with SMEs! We feel like we are a part of the team. Our reward is seeing our contributions reflected in the marketplace and in our client’s successes.

At Jensen IP, we can operate like your in-house counsel. Let us ease your C-suite’s workload by overseeing your brand protection, domain issues and other IP matters, such as copyright ownership for works created under employment. We can assess your brand’s strength in your market space, its protectability and review your packaging and invoicing to ensure they support your brand’s integrity. When you are ready to develop your marketing campaign, we can help you choose new names, tag lines, brand descriptors and logos. Always working within your budget, we will assist with the registration of your trademark in your primary markets and beyond.

Clearance and Investigations

Jensen IP has world class searching and clearance expertise. Our search team conducts searches using the industry’s leading software platforms. For those clients who prefer to outsource their trademark searches, we review results provided in their preferred software platform and issue our reports in customized formats. Our opinions provide legal and commercial analysis and assess any business risk in using and registering a mark in Canada.

We conduct online and in-person infringement investigations, engaging outside investigators when needed. Using our knowledge of social media and covert investigation tactics, we quickly find the information our clients need to make decisions on whether to adopt a mark or to pursue an action against an infringer. By leveraging our experience and knowledge of the marketplace, we provide real world advice that businesses need to make decisions regarding their brands.

Corporate Services

Working directly with companies to provide IP administrative and trademark management services, Jensen IP fills various corporate needs. Whether you are in-house counsel looking for assistance with overflow work or a CFO in need of periodic trademark services, our corporate services will fit your needs. From docketing and action management, to functioning as “outside” in-house counsel, we are here to help.

We provide consulting and auditing services to in-house trademark groups to ensure internal processes are efficient and support the needs of their corporate clients. Our expertise, and outside perspective, will give your group the information and strategy needed to perform at the highest level and within budget. We also offer due diligence services to companies looking to acquire trademark rights and other soft IP assets in Canada and abroad. 


We help clients defend and enforce their rights before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and in the marketplace.  At Jensen IP, we have watch programs that inform clients of offensive trademark filings before the application reaches the publication stage. Early intervention allows us to resolve issues by contacting potential infringers prior to being in the opposition period. When opposition and cancellation proceedings are necessary, we establish goals and develop strategies with our clients, providing quotes in advance of each stage.

In the marketplace, we assist with issuing demand letters and settlement negotiations, and in offering pragmatic advice prior to litigation.

Industries Served

We represent clients from a broad range of industries, such as software development, e-commerce, manufacturing equipment, telecommunications, retail services, clothing, food and consumer goods.

By way of education and industry experience, our professionals have specific expertise in the following sectors:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Scientific equipment and software
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture
  • Food and food services
  • Sports and recreational equipment
  • E-commerce
  • Skincare and cosmetics
  • Nutraceutical products
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Cleantech


Contact Us

103-2150 Thurston Drive

Ottawa, ON  K1G 5T9



Contact Us

103-2150 Thurston Drive

Ottawa, ON  K1G 5T9